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About Us

www.artoffourgems.com is a U.K. based business in the Nottinghamshire area of Great Britain, having no shareholders and commenced trading in 2010. You can recognise us by our multi-crystal Trigem. There are three family members working the business. We offer a unique range of inspirational e-books and prints. Enjoy the amazing feel-good products we make.

My name is John Maltby an online artist and author who enjoys leading our business in the right direction. I make sure everything runs smoothly so that our customers are happy and satisfied. We aim to create the most interesting and awe inspiring products in the world.

My name is Veronica Harrison also an online artist and author. I ensure that all of our products are of high quality and interesting content, for our customers. The diverse work we offer has something to please everyone, from all age groups.

My name is Michael Bass I do the entire computer generated imagery used in our products. My job is to design most of the artistic material, to provide our customers with amazing visual content. I oversee the general maintenance of the computers and software, also any other electronic equipment.
if you would like to contact us directly please forward it to [email protected]

if you would like to phone us from a UK line call 07870629804 and outside the UK call (+44)7870629804 thank you. calls will be answered between the hours of 4pm – 6pm GMT, outside this designated time slot please leave a message stating your name and number and reason for calling, we will get back to you as soon as possible.